Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy massage is a gentle massage with essential oils, balancing and relaxing the body, releasing inner tensions and alleviating physical problems.

Aroma massage is the most effective method of aromatherapy and differs from the classical massage as it is gentler, slower and very relaxing and causes no sensation of pain.

On the other hand, it is not merely soothing because the entire body is relaxed and the effect of oils is experienced for hours. Smoothing effleurage and stretching movements applied on the entire body relax and help to absorb essential oils. Every oil has its own specific impact on the body and mind balance. According to their impact oils are divided as follows: calming, invigorating, anti-virus and -inflammation, anti-depression, pain alleviating, anti-septic, stimulating, relaxing or diuretic.

Together with the customer we try to find the most appropriate and pleasant essential oils, which would ease inner tension and release physical ailments. Aroma massage enables to prevent and significantly alleviate stress that is usually the main reason of all diseases and problems.

Aromatherapy massage affects the metabolism inside cells, invigorates the immune system and helps in case of hormone problems (e.g. climacteric disorders, PMS problems, etc.), alleviates muscle, joint and nerve pains, balances the nerve system (stress, depression, sleeping disorders, etc.).

Essential oils retain in the body up to 3 days, renewing tissues and improving the elasticity of the skin.

In order to enjoy the expected results of aromatherapy and make the effect last, we recommend performing the procedure once a week during five to ten executive weeks.

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