Aromatherapy facial care

Aromatherapy facial care renews the healthy and radiant look on your face, removes swelling, protects the skin from environmental impact, balances the secretion of sebaceous glands in the skin,   hides cuperosa, strengthens and invigorates the skin. After the treatment your skin is soft and mat. The applied technique is very gentle and invigorates the lymphatic circulation.

The described facial care comprises cleansing with flower lotion, a deep-cleansing peat mask, a lymph massage of the face with special facial lymph oil and a gentle hand massage.

Peat brightens the skin, enables deep cleansing and absorbs the accumulated impurity. It suits all skin types irrespective of age.

Facial lymph oil removes swelling caused by stress and weariness, the skin is renewed, cuperosa is treated effectively. The oil containing sea-buckthorn nourishes the skin and performs as anti-oxidant. The therapy also has a good impact on emotions, lifts your mood, and alleviates stress.

Special facial care products of Aromatica product range, especially developed by the Finnish aroma therapist Ulla-Maija Grace, are applied.

The success of this therapy is achieved owing to the combined effect of the special massage technique and the impact of special essential oils in the products. The method is pleasantly gentle but very effective at the same time.

The duration of therapy is very individual. The skin is renewed within four weeks and that is why we recommend one treatment (60 min.) once a week during five consecutives weeks.

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